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  • Austin City Council Presents a Challenge

    Just hours before community members were to attend a property tax appraisal forum in Austin on May 19, the City of Austin released its study showing the undervaluation of commercial properties in the city.  The report underscores the inequities of the current property tax appraisal system and the need for reform. In addition, at the…

  • Victory in State Legislature!

    For years, no one believed that any responsible property tax reform could pass the legislature in Texas. But after more than a year of campaigning from Houston to San Antonio and El Paso to Austin, Real Values for Texas is shaking those assumptions. The State Legislature Takes a Step Toward Reform On Saturday, May 23, Governor…

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  • City Fact Sheets
    City Fact Sheets

    While most homeowners pay taxes on the real value of their property, many large commercial property owners routinely use appeals and lawsuits to avoid paying their fair share. Texas’s flawed property tax system unfairly burdens homeowners who have to pay more when large commercial properties pay less. Below are fact sheets you can download and…

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