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  • Austin Forum Sheds Light on Need for Appraisal Reform

    This past week, about 300 people attended a forum hosted by Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea about property tax appraisals.  With rising property taxes, people were excited to find out about different ways they could reform the system and make sure that commercial property owners were paying their fair share. The forum panel, which consisted of…

  • TAKE ACTION: Tweet the Governor!

    There is a lot of talk around Austin about property taxes, but we only have a little over a week to make sure we see a victory around POSITIVE property tax appraisal reform. Last time you took action on this bill, the Ways and Means Committee dropped the harmful language that was added by the…

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  • City Fact Sheets
    City Fact Sheets

    While most homeowners pay taxes on the real value of their property, many large commercial property owners routinely use appeals and lawsuits to avoid paying their fair share. Texas’s flawed property tax system unfairly burdens homeowners who have to pay more when large commercial properties pay less. Below are fact sheets you can download and…

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