September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

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Over the last month, the coalition of groups that make up Real Values for Texas have been working hard to spread the word about the need for property tax reform. Our work is paying off.

In fact, Real Values for Texas was recently awarded Austin Chronicle’s Best Grassroots Campaign to Hit Home. Local Austinites are making sure their voices are heard about the need for local and state reform.

On August 21, the Houston Community College Board of Trustees unanimously voted to make property tax reform a legislative priority in its 84th session. They are the first community college to make property tax reform a legislative priority this session.

The Houston Chronicle, on September 7, published a story highlighting how current property tax loopholes are forcing Texas schools to pay big oil a “tax refund” after companies sue to lower their appraised value. On September 8, the Chronicle, in an editorial, called for the legislature to close those loopholes and require commercial properties to be assessed at fair-market value.

In August, in Waco Texas, the Waco Tribune highlighted City Council’s efforts to close the loopholes locally by writing a “clawback provision” into agreements that make it less economical for companies to dispute their property tax appraisals.

Over in Dallas, the Dallas Country Club is suing the Central Appraisal District for an “unfair” appraisal.

It’s time for real values for Texas!  

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