Local Government For Property Tax Reform

Local Government For Property Tax Reform

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Local Texas Government Amps Up For Property Tax Reform

Local governments are listening to homeowners and taking action to reform Texas’s broken property tax system. City councils, county commissions and school boards have taken action and supported the call for Real Values for Texas.

Most recently, the Houston Independent School Board District passed its legislative agenda for the 84th session and included language to make property tax reform a priority.   Homeowners in Houston have had to pay approximately $871.3 million more in property taxes for schools because commercial property owners don’t pay their fair share.  This hurts our local community and our kids.   However, the School Board’s support for statewide reform will help to put more pressure on legislators who have the power to close statewide loopholes that allow commercial property owners to shirk their share.

In addition, just a few months ago, the Houston Community College Board of Trustees also passed a resolution making property tax reform a legislative priority and pressure on the Houston City Council to take action has increased.

In other areas of the state, local governments are moving as well.

In San Antonio, homeowners and community organizations are meeting with city council members to push for a resolution. At a meeting on Tuesday, leaders and homeowners called City Council Member Rey Saldaña, District 4, to urge him to push for Real Values for Texas.


El Paso homeowners claimed a victory recently, as well, when the El Paso County Commission unanimously passed a resolution of support for property tax reform.  Austin City Council has also passed it’s legislative agenda for the 84th session and it includes support for reform.

In Dallas, homeowners are gearing up and educating homeowners around the issue, their rights and how to use their voices to create a fair property tax system.

Real Values for Texas continues to grow and homeowners are looking forward to working with legislators who understand the importance of a fair system that maintains communities public quality services.

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