El Paso City Supports Real Values in Texas

El Paso City Supports Real Values in Texas

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Real Values for Texas Applauds El Paso City Council For Passing Resolution to Make Property Tax Reform a Legislative Priority

Real Values for Texas Campaign Director, Beverly Ortiz, today said:

“We applaud El Paso City Council members for making property tax reform a priority for this legislative session.

It’s clear that they understand the burden placed on homeowners when large commercial property owners don’t pay their fair share. Not only do homeowners have to make up the difference in property taxes, but they see support for public services erode, schools close, library hours cut and more. 

Support from county leaders is critical in making sure that legislative change takes place during the 84th session. With both El Paso City and County support we have a better chance at leveling the playing field and closing loopholes in our state system that allows for large commercial property owners to pay tax based on a fraction of the value of their property.”

El Paso City Council joins El Paso County Commission Houston Community College Board of Trustees, The Houston Independent School District, Austin City Council and Travis County Commission in making property tax reform a legislative priority.

The El Paso City Council’s resolution includes support for appraisal district legal fee reform, equity appeals reform, mandatory real estate sales price disclosure and other property tax laws that would help cities fairly raise revenue from sources other than residential property taxes during the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature. You can watch the video of the meeting at http://www.elpasotexas.gov/videos. Choose Feb 9, 2015 meeting date and begin watching at about the 32 minute mark.

El Paso County Commissioners passed a similar resolution of support in November, 2014.


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