TAKE ACTION! Strengthen HB 2083

TAKE ACTION! Strengthen HB 2083

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Email the House Ways & Means Committee and ask them to strengthen HB 2083!

button (2)Recently, Texas State Representative Darby introduced HB 2083. The bill requires that standard appraisal methods and techniques be used during an appraisal protest.Overall, the bill is a step closer to reforming property tax laws in Texas, but it could be much stronger.

Fair, transparent and effective property tax reform in Texas should include:

  • Property tax appeals based on market value.
  • Required sales price disclosure by owners of large commercial properties.
  • Closure of loopholes which allow and incentivize manipulation of the appraisal and protest system; this includes ending excessive attorney/tax consultant fees and increasing protest review time for appraisal districts.

In addition, SB 2083 needs to specify that any comparable used during an appraisal protest must be within the same county as the appraisal being protested.

Take action today and let the House Ways & Means Committee to strengthen SB 2083.

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