TAKE ACTION: Tweet the Governor!

TAKE ACTION: Tweet the Governor!

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There is a lot of talk around Austin about property taxes, but we only have a little over a week to maketwitter sure we see a victory around POSITIVE property tax appraisal reform.

Last time you took action on this bill, the Ways and Means Committee dropped the harmful language that was added by the Committee and now this bill helps bring us a step closer to reform.

Tweet at Governor Greg Abbott today and tell him to sign HB 2083 into law.  HB 2083 requires that standard appraisal methods and techniques be used during an appraisal protest. It doesn’t fix the whole problem at all, but it is a step in the right direction.  A veto of even this modest improvement would be a slap in the face to homeowners and our appraisal standards.

Here are some sample tweets:

  • @GovAbbott Sign #HB2083 into law and require standard appraisal methods and techniques be used during appraisal appeals!
  • @GovAbbott I urge you to sign #HB2083 into law to bring us a step closer to a fairer property tax appraisal system.
  • @GovAbbott, time is running out.  Sign #HB2083 into law and help reform property tax appraisals in TX.  It’s time for Real Values!
  • @GovAbbott Sign #HB2083 into law and help to reduce some burden on homeowners who pay more when comm property owners don’t pay their share.

It’s time for Real Values for Texas — Values that are based on accepted standard appraisal methods and techniques.  This seems like a no brainer and most of us thought this was already in place, but big industry like the Realtors and tax consultants don’t want to play fair on any piece of the law.

Time is running out.  Tweet at Governor Abbott today and let him know you support the passage of HB 2083.


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