– 2015-


Lopsided election puts political target on-property taxes
American Statesman, Nov 9, 2015

Judge Dismisses Austin’s Lawsuit Against State
Texas Tribune, Nov 6, 2015

Judge dismisses city of austin lawsuit over property taxes
KXAN, Nov 6

Dump Property Tax for Sales Tax, group says
Watchdog, Oct 30, 2015

Compromise property tax bill signed
Charles Kuffner, Off the Kuff, June 3,2015

Abbott signs modest reform of tax law that costs local governments tens of millions
Harvey Rice, Houston Chronicle, May 31,2015

Council Moves Forward with Appraisal Challenge
Elizabeth Pagano, Austin Monitor, May 29, 2015

Austin Council to File Unprecedented Commercial Appraisal Challenge
Andra Lim, Austin Statesman, May 28, 2015

Point Austin: The Appraisal Scam: TCAD can’t accurately appraise
Michael King, Austin Chronicle, May 22, 2015

Property tax system messed up; nobody happy
Sunny Sone, Austin Monitor, May 21, 2015

Council may challenge “undervalued” appraisals
Tyler Whitson, Austin Monitor, May 20, 2015

Commercial properties notably undervalued, Austin study says
Andra Lim, Austin Statesman, May 19, 2015

Austin, Travis County leaders host property tax forum
Ashley Goudeau, KVUE, May 19, 2015

Texas small businesses may be able to fight property valuations like
Austin Business Journal

Jury’s $190M reduction of Valero refinery value wiped by appeals court
David Yates, The Southeast Texas Record, April 1, 2015

Ellis bill aims to shift more of tax bill to commercial properties
Marty Toohey, Austin American Statesman, March 10, 2015

New Property Tax Bills Would Stymie Appeals from Trophy Towers 
by Roxanna Asgaria, Houston Business Journal, March 10, 2015

By Brenda Bell, Texas Observer, January 2015

– 2014 –

Property Tax Relief: When it comes to property taxes, the easy answers aren’t always the best answers.
Houston Chronicle Editorial, December 11, 2014

Changes sought for property appraisal statute
By Beth Wade, Community Impact, December 10, 2014

Opposing organizations battle over mandatory sales price disclosure
By Amber Downing, KVUE, December 2, 2014

Texans Deserve the Truth about Property Taxes
Editorial, Senator Kirk Watson, November 11, 2014

El Paso County Commissioners Court Adopts Resolution in Favor of Property Tax Reform
By Aileen B. Flores / El Paso TimesTax Dodge, November 10, 2014

Tax Dodge
Editorial, Houston Chronicle, September 8, 2014

Oil company lawsuits squeezing local government budgets
Harvey Rice, Houston Chronicle, September 7, 2014

Local officials fighting back in corporate appraisal disputes
J.B. Smith, Waco Tribune August 22, 2014

Dallas Country Club Sues Central Appraisal District Over “Unfair” $15-million Valuation
Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer, July 25, 2014

Taxable values up 6 percent in Dallas County
Matthew Watkins, Dallas Morning News July 25,2014

Reform Needed for Property Tax System
Sylvia Garcia, Houston Chronicle Opinion July 9, 2014

 Co. Commissioners vote down property tax challenge
Jade Mingus KVUE June 10, 2014

Property Tax Vote Set For Tuesday
County may challenge commercial property tax roll
Amy Smith Austin Chronicle June 9, 2014

As tax bills grow, so do calls for reform
We say: Austin’s affordability gap
Editorial Board Austin American Statesman June 7, 2014

Homeowners challenge Travis Co. commercial property appraisals
Jade Mingus, KVUE  June 3, 2014

Residents Decry Commercial Property Appraisals
Chris Cybulski Time Warner Cable News June 2, 2014

Justice For Homeowners
Commissioners may challenge commercial appraisals
Amy Smith Austin Chronicle June 1, 2014

Una campaña distinta por las escuelas públicas
Varios grupos activistas con un alto número de hispanos quieren que Texas modifique una norma que derivaría en más dinero para las escuelas
Álvaro Ortiz La Voz May 31, 2014

Surge in property tax bills spurs push to reform tax appraisal process
Lori Hawkins and Shonda Novak Austin American-Statesman May 31, 2014 

Homeowners say they are being overtaxed
Ignacio Garcia KXAN TV Austin May 30, 2014

Texas requiere una reforma
Marina Gil Semana News May 30, 2014

Looking at Patrick’s Appraisal Plan for Tax Relief
John A. Salazar Time Warner Cable News May 23, 2014

Some grassroots action on the unfairness of commercial property valuation
Charles Kuffner Off The Kuff May 23rd, 2014 

Residents say population surge is pricing Austinites out of their homes
Kara Nuzback Austin Monitor May 22, 2014

Homeowners said to be bearing biggest property tax load 
Appraiser says commercial owners pay less
Brian Mylar, KSAT May 21, 2014

Opinion: Texas needs reform in commercial appraisals
Lidia Cruz El Paso Times May 10, 2014

Joe’s Commentary: “Real Value for Texas” 
Texas ISD May 5, 2014 

Editorial: “Level Texas’ property tax playing field”
Dallas Morning News May 4, 2014

Let’s make the property-tax system fair for all Texans
Steve Blow Dallas Morning News May 3, 2014

Texas Is Losing Out on Millions of Dollars Thanks to Its Defective Property-Tax System 
Steve Jansen Houston Press May 1, 2014

Tax law leads to towering savings for big-building owners 
Matthew Watkins Dallas Morning News April 26, 2014

Aid to Schools Is Goal of Push to Raise Taxes
Ross Ramsey New York Times/Texas Tribune April 13, 2014

Group protests commercial property taxes
Protesters say commercial properties don’t pay their fair share of property taxes
Bryan Mylar KSAT News April 1, 2014

Rally at downtown hotel protests property tax system
Eva Ruth Moravec San Antonio Express News April 1, 2014

Protestors want property owners to pay more taxes
News 4 San Antonio April 1, 2014

Our Future Depends on Real Values
La Voz de Esperanza (San Antonio) April 2014

Commercial owners exploit tax system
Jerry Gonzalez San Antonio Express March 2, 2014

Suits creating property tax shortfalls
San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board February 6, 2014

Harris County puts appraisal district on notice
Kiah Collier Houston Chronicle January 29, 2014

– 2013 –

Big businesses get tax breaks through lawsuits
KVUE November 4, 2013

Property tax loophole could drive down values, appraiser says
by Eva Ruth Moravec San Antonio Express-News October 6, 2013

Commercial tax appeals put burden on Texas homes 
The Associated Press State & Local Wire September 29, 2013

Appeals shift tax burden 
Brenda Bell Austin American-Statesman September 28, 2013

Mayor Parker Issues Statement On Property Tax Fairness
Houston Mayor Annise Parker May 14, 2013

Quirk in state law eroding tax base; Critics say big oil, industry taking advantage of amendment at expense of school districts;
Harvey Rice The Houston Chronicle May 12, 2013

Tower sale may mean taller tax bill
Loren Steffy Houston Chronicle March 28, 2013

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